Make 3 astounding changes to your projects before they fail


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Projects fail because of poor planning, sponsorship, and communication.

Failure is not always admitted. Projects considered not to have failed have stark statistics:

31% did not meet their goals.

43% exceed initial budgets.

49% were late.

Project Management Institute: Pulse of the Profession

There is no single reason for projects not delivering on expectations.

There is an important lesson for us all here

It is important to appreciate the need for a well-defined project management approach. It helps to streamline workflow and ensure proper project execution.


Plan, Plan, and write it down!

Planning for success is not only about setting out tasks. It focusses on what will come from the project. Be clear how to measure success and prove that the time, effort and cost have been worth it. This starts from the moment a project starts. Set out the scope, define who is responsible and what the outcomes will be. Your journey is clear and agreed.


Sponsors do more than raise funds.

Sponsorship is essential to giving your project credence. Projects deliver change and bring something new to “Business As Usual”. There will be challenges when what you need to do to deliver, will not be popular and will meet with resistance. The Sponsor will give weight to your argument and can break down barriers to success.


Talk and listen, it can help you more than you think.

Communication is the last of my critical factors. Projects and the business in which they exist rely on people. If you are to deliver success you need to tell people what you are doing and why. Active listening to those affected will support you. Hear what they are saying. Is their idea better? Does it bring extra benefits? Include the good ones to add value to your project. It is a two-way street. My best projects have listened and accommodated others' change.



Do these 3 and you are set up. 

hard work from here will deliver your project success.

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