Reasons to love your success even when time changes your goals


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Things my 18 year old self set out to achieve…



At 18 I wanted to start a successful company, employing people and receiving praise for its good work.

I started 4: 2 failed, 1 closed when I relocated, and 1 is going OK.

No multinationals or internationals. No fancy offices.

Lots of thankful, satisfied, and happy clients along the way.



I wanted a Porsche 911. I got a string of typical company cars. From flash and brash to dull and average. I travelled the UK seeing sights others only hear about. I learned road names. Pinch points to avoid. The best places to buy a sandwich on the move. While experiencing a gradual reduction in average speed as technology advanced. I learned that 60,000 miles a year was unsustainable. I had a lovely glass/mug collection.



I wanted a massive house, huge driveway (for the Porsche), and extensive gardens. I got a family home with enough space but not too much that we will rattle around it in our dotage.


Were they success?

Looking back, they were all material. Showy, brash ambition. It was the 80s after all.


Management Guru’s told us to visualise our goals. Put up pictures of them in the workplace. You had to have a tangible, expensive goal.

I ask today, “Would they have been a measure of success?”



Was it good?

The reality is I have an exciting, varied career. I have created businesses, grown corporates. Helped others grow their businesses.

I have gained far more from the intangibles. The thanks. The wins. The long hard hours identifying problems, finding solutions, and fixing businesses.

The support, the friends, the celebrations, the blood sweat and tears, made it all worth it.


What I’m not!

I can’t shout about a £300m business by 30.

I am not a Porsche driving success.

I do not live in a mansion.


What I am.

But I know I have helped others and I have helped businesses. I connect people and above all I solve problems.

Oh, and I get paid for delivering projects like these. I am comfortable and happy.

Experience and success are not visible. I meet potential clients, understand their “pain” and provide solutions, I prove value.

I love solving the impossible. I relish delivering success from “third place”. I can prove all this and more.


My Values

Be Helpful

Connect with People


Be Honest & Open

Understand Others’ View


What can you do?

Give me a go. Chat through your need and I will plan out how to help.


You could say that on balance I am very Rich!

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