15 reasons you should engage help!


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Everyone in your company is busy, 

including you! 

There are projects that need attention but they just keep being put off.


We moan regularly about procrastination in our own lives, but we seldom address Corporate Procrastination

Putting off doing what is known to be right but just not getting round to it.


This is where an interim will help by adding value to your business.


Here are 15 reasons why an Interim is the right choice.


  1.  An interim will hit the ground running, making an impact as quickly as possible. Their reputation depends on it!

  2.  They aren’t affected by office politics or career progression. They are focussed on your task.

  3.  They have great Project Management skills. It’s the nature of a short term, impactful tenure that demands organisation, and planning. They need to demonstrate quick progress.

  4.  They are cost effective; you are getting experience and seniority for the price of a middle manager.

  5.  They bring a fresh independent perspective, questioning and resolving your pain points with a strategic focus, delivering effective change.

  6.  They are not wedded to “it has always been done this way”.

  7.  They are engaged and disengaged quickly. No protracted notice period or redundancy process. In fact, the first objective of an Interim is to complete the assignment as quickly as possible.

  8.  They are flexible, working to your budget or the number of days per week or month that will effectively complete the task.

  9.  You pay for the time they are delivering for you, you don’t pay for holiday, sick and absence periods.

10.  They do not incur additional overhead costs for pension contributions, car allowance, medical insurance.

11.  They are goal oriented, agreeing targets on which you can measure performance.

12.  They are only as good as their last project. Which means they are focussed on achieving success on their current assignment, your project.

13. They have experience across sectors, bringing best practice skills and experience to your business.

14. If you source an Interim effectively, they will prove to be better value than a “big” consultancy because you will get the person and experience you engage, not an intern or recent graduate with occasional partner involvement in your project.

15. You also get access to a bespoke service not a commoditised, template offer rolled out to several clients.


An Interim is not as expensive as you may think. 
They deliver a bespoke service which can be measured, delivering projects you just keep putting off.


Call me and we can talk through what you are putting off .

We can chat through the options and ultimately you make the choice if you want to proceed.


Don’t remain blissfully ignorant and a victim of Corporate Procrastination.

Call me on:

0795 849 7116

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find out more at www.westhaze.com

I am more than happy to help.

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