RACI or not? Here is my tip for getting teams working together quickly on projects.


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As an Interim I must integrate into new teams and get results quickly.

If there is one tool to help in the management of projects, I have found particularly useful, it is the RACI matrix. There have been many variations but for me simplicity is key.

All this really does is show who does what in a programme of work.

Based on the project work breakdown structure (WBS), but it could be an actions log, it helps ensure all team members can understand who holds responsibility, accountability for completing tasks, and who is consulted or informed.

To construct the matrix identify the tasks to complete and the stakeholders involved. Agree the roles and responsibilities for all tasks. By agreeing it will help resolve potential management issues or clashes, especially in a multi-organisation activity or process. I make sure that during project mobilisation a RACI matrix is produced and agreed.

A simplified matrix example is displayed opposite. RACI Matrix content where:

  • R is Responsible for doing the task.
  • A is Accountable decision maker.
  • C is for Consulted (2 way).
  • I is for Informed (1 way).

At all times review the number of individuals involved. There should be a singular Accountable person, the arbiter of decisions including if the task is complete. Too many consulted and the task will take longer to complete. Not enough responsible and you will be under resourced. Informing people as required helps reduce surprises, your project communications plan will cover how and when.

For a more details explanation see this YouTube video  https://bit.ly/3zzqWN3

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