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Here is my experience…


Lockdown hit my business hard.

Furlough gave companies protection. So, getting Interim help wasn’t urgent or even needed.

Everything stopped.


Even Government bids dried up. Being connected was more important!


At the end of assignments I use a mix of contact.

  • I get in touch with contacts.
  • I network at events.
  • I talk to people about how I can solve their problems.




Faced with an impossible situation, here’s what I did to increase my engagement, and you can too!


I turned online to LinkedIn

I reconnected with my network, well I commented, shared, and posted MORE.

Random efforts. Not hugely rewarded but seen by 200-300 people.

*The graph shows the effect of hosting content on my website from November 2021, using LinkedIn to signpost.


Then I sought the advice and help of others.

I followedmthe advice of Duncan Strachan   ---> help, comment, be present.

I took a blogging course with Emma Rundle  ---> and learned some of the tricks and tools.

Spurred on by the praise of trusted connections like Natasha Cleeve  ---> helping me get over my fear of going public!


I learned how to analyse website visitors.

I moved my blogs to my website.

I implemented better “Call To Action” to qualify potential clients.

I went from saying “Visit my website” to writing articles of interest. Hosting them on my website and signposting them on LinkedIn.


I have become a regular poster.

I continue to help others by sharing.

I comment to add value to others’ posts.


And by building on these:

  • I get 1500 to 2000 views of my posts, as an Interim I don’t need retail level reach!
  • My website traffic has increased, a work in progress (see the graph)
  • I post helpful information and have learned this has to be FREE!


I have expanded my content to include video.


With these small and inexpensive changes, I am present. I have a growing network.


I’m here to help and happy to talk.

You can schedule a Zoom call at

See my early video on my website




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