Why 1909m on top of Ventoux?


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A bit about me and an answer to the question, for those that haven’t met me...


School & College

Could do better” as I didn’t really do more than I needed. Once in work that changed completely!

Final leaving note from my Tutor “Can sell fridges to Eskimos!”. I had a side shuffle in Mother’s Day Orchids among other schemes, from which I made a reasonable profit.

Work, well just before really

During college I started my first company, providing computer systems and bespoke programming. 

Employed 25 people by the age of 23. 

Experienced my first business failure at 25. 

Learned so much about how to manage stakeholders, from colleagues/friends made redundant, to creditors and the Inland Revenue.


Picking up the pieces

Worked and lived in Paris for 2 years selling to companies in France, Spain, and Benelux countries. 

Took my schoolboy French to a level where I could debate and win, without banging the table.

Decided to go Corporate, as an IT Manager, swiftly moved into Bids via Mobilisation and Operations. 

Loved bids so much, I led many as Bid Director and have never really left. 


Becoming Corporate

After over 10 years of corporate life, I moved to Interim Management, where I have remained since. 

Bids, Projects and Problems to solve. I love helping. I love the ability to be open and honest. 

I really enjoy doing difficult things, afterwards.

I have mobilised and delivered operational businesses and crystallised bid promises. 

Bids I lead are based on this and the question “What if you have to delvier this?”


Why Clients trust me

I am known for my ability to understand the requirement and sell the benefits of solutions.

I enjoy managing stakeholders and am insightful in reading their emotions and needs.

I try out ideas and new approaches with clients, to differentiate or improve businesses.


Outside work

Cyclist, c13,000km pa, further than many drive cars

Gardener, nothing special just love sitting in a pretty garden relaxing. Also a bit of a show off as many of our friends don’t have green fingers. I have had to up my game since my wife started with Horatio’s Garden, just in case we have to host at any time.

Gregarious and outgoing in work but quite reserved when not. I enjoy my own company whether on the bike or gardening.

Project Manager, I love organising from Social Sec, coaching and reffing at the rugby club to planning long rides, I relish the challenge of “herding cats”.

Networking, I love helping people. Alerting contacts to opportunities they won. Introducing others to Interim work and helping people find useful contacts from my network. Try me, you may be surprised.

I love craft beers and bars but as I get older, I have learned that hangovers last longer and waste valuable time, so I drink less. Drink also affects my cycling performance and getting out and about is a priority.


What you get from a Trusted Advisor

I work with Clients as their Trusted Advisor because :-

     * I take ownership of problems and their solutions

     * I am not afraid of difficult situations

     * I believe in the outcomes

     * I enjoy working outside comfort zones, challenging the usual and delivering transformational change

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