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Bidding for new business is time consuming, costly, and diverts essential resources from other important tasks. 

Using my Bid Winning Toolkit I help you Plan, WriteReview and Deliver compelling, winning proposals, every time!

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It's not just about acquiring bid expertise.
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I provide more than Bid Writing Services

I am a Trusted Advisor to clients across business sectors.

My honest advice based on experience has helped many companies identify how to spend their bid budget wisely

Do you -

  • Struggle with resourcing bids effectively?
  • Find it challenging to allocate bid resources?
  • Lack dedicated bid resources?
  • Rely on people with "day jobs"?
  • Have difficulty identifying bid opportunities?
  • Struggle finding winnable opportunities?
  • Need a proven Business Winning process?
  • Want to improve your win rate?
  • Looking for a strategic approach to enhance wins?
  • Want a reliable bidding process to make a significant difference to your business?

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Why you may need a Bid Expert

  • Mastering successful bidding is a learned skill.
  • I have developed a simple, effective approach
    to drive bid wins and business growth .
  • Distilled my experience into my "Bid Winning Toolkit"
  • Improve your win rates
  • Maximise return on your bidding investment.
  • If your team lacks bid experience, or resources,
    or you just need to improve bidding performance... 

Unlock your bid winning potential NOW!

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Services to Elevate Your Bid Lifecycle to Unlock Success!

Unlock success throughout the bid lifecycle. As an expert in producing winning proposals and negotiating winning propositions, I align your business strategy to develop a robust target pipeline. Insights gained through Capture Management empower you to invest wisely in winnable bids. Rigorous ‘Bid / No Bid’ reviews focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities, leading to formal proposals, successful negotiations, and wins! With my delivery experience in mobilising contracts, I ensure seamless continuity into operations. We value feedback from all bids, whether successful or not, to continuously enhance your business processes.


Gain insight into customer requirements, influence what comes to market and raise your profile with the client.


Bid management from procurement launch through proposal development and submission.


How to Structure responses, Storyboard content, and draw together Technical, Financial and Commercial elements.


Getting the best understanding and agreement for the proposition. Tackle issues and negotiate win-win outcomes.


Analyse your bids. Engage with reviewers to understand how "we" came across. Identify strengths / weaknesses and improve. 


Getting bids into operation. Mobilising people, and assets. Establishing a Project Management Board and giving the customer confidence in progress.  

The Bid Toolkit 

  • Starting with your Strategy , together we define your potential opportunities , building a Target Pipeline
  • We help with Capture Activities, enhancing Target Insight and Raising Profile of your company from unknown to preferred.
  • Qualifying Opportunities, making Bid/No-bid decisions, helps with Pursuit of winnable bids.
  • When the time is right we Kick Off the bid outlining the opportunity and timeline.
  • We detail the Solution, define Bid Strategy, generate strong Win Themes and address customer requirements.
  • We Storyboard our proposition and then Write Detailed Responses, showcasing your proven expertise with Evidence.
  • Then we pull together an integrated Commercial Proposal of technical, financial and legal commitments.
  • Bid Production presents the offer completely and professionally.
  • We help with customer Presentation and Negotiation, and support you in mobilising teams.
  • We gather Feedback on proposals, win or lose. 
  • Throughout our partnership, we continuously learn and refine your approach, embedding skills into your team
  • Helping you to win more bids and achieve sustained success.

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