Bid Support & AI

Introduction to Bid Support Services using AI

Bid support services are an essential part of any business that aims to win contracts and grow. These services help businesses to prepare, write, and submit bids for contracts, grants, and other opportunities. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), bid support services have become even more powerful and effective.

AI-powered bid support services can analyse data, identify patterns, and generate insights that humans may not be able to see. They can also automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for human experts to focus on more complex work. In this presentation, we will explore the benefits of bid support services using AI and how they can help businesses win more contracts.

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Artificial Intelligence

Your experts provide key points used to generate draft AI text, which is crafted into your bespoke offer to the customer.

Bid Expertise

Bid specialists build a winning bid strategy for you. Setting out win themes, identifying customer hot buttons and planning response structure and content.


Bid Experts integrate the draft content, your experts review changes and integrate with your bid strategy, to craft a compliant, compelling, offer.

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1. Capture Plan

Expertise in managing customer information. Identifying win themes, adding hot buttons, and building winning strategies.

2. AI integration

AI brings huge efficiency. It enables extensive resources to be built into your proposition. Resource, analyse and present with AI.

3. Your team

Your experts are invaluable to content quality but they are a highly valued resource. We use their time carefully, adding value without interruption to your business.

4. Bid experts

Winning bids is a skill built over years of experience. Accessing this through WestHaze AI brings advantage to your company. Our people focus on making the bid a compelling proposition.

5. Compelling Bids

Implement tactics and strategies to win. Win themes, hot buttons, strategic teaming and exclusive supply agreements. All actions are aimed at beating the competition.

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Future Technologies That Are Mainstream, Today!

Tech companies rang in the start of the new year by unveiling some of their ambitious plans for the coming months. Startups and multinational companies alike are beginning to feel the ripple effects of innovation in the industry, with technology becoming more intertwined in everyday lives each year.

AI is now being integrated into everyday applications. It is generating efficiencies, reducing costs, enhancing output and differentiating companies from their competition.