The smart way to bid & win

Win more bids with WestHaze AI

AI is a game changer. 
Not because it replaces people or tasks but because it offers ways to be more efficient.

Winning bids is about tailoring your solution to the customer's needs. 
Crafting a proposal that answers all their questions and demonstrates how your offer is the best.

Here is how it helps you improve your bids.

Bid Specialists are far from redundant. With the WestHaze AI tools they will add more value to your bids and improve your win rate.

With AI the Large Language Model lets you ask questions
In regular language, to get responses from the vast knowledge of the web.

Once you have your response, you can interrogate and improve it.

But you get a fairly "beige" output, that is potentially the same as your competitors using the same tools.
But it is a quick start and this is fantastic. Why?

Bid production is slow to start. It feels as if there is all the time in the world. But there isn't. As you will have experienced in previous bids, time runs out! There is an inexorable link between time left and the amount of work to do. 

Why is this always the case?
The bid process starts well but slows quickly.

The ITT is analysed.
The response structure is planned.
The bid strategy is collated and integrated into the plan.
Experts are engaged to provide information to specific, alllocated questions, and this is the point at which progress slows, almost to a standstill.

It's blank paper syndrome.
What do I write?
How do I start?
The questions have been distributed & we are expecting input, and wait.
As bid specialists, WestHaze has methods to overcome this, BUT it still eats up c20% to 40% of the available time.

AI smashes this block, it will produce first drafts quickly with the right prompts and preparation. The drafts aren't the finished document but they are a good start. Reviews and improvements can begin.

So AI saves you time.

The exponential work rate of bids then speeds up. Typically we cram in lots of improvements to the bid. Adding in Win Themes. Hitting hot buttons. Playing to the customer's requirements and emotions. This value adding element of bids is often cut short. Time runs out and we compromise.

With AI you have already freed time up at the start of the bid. You effectively have more time available. You can do one of two things at this point.
1.  Take it as a saving in time and cost - WIN
2.  Employ it to Enhance the bid and your chances or winning - BIG WIN

AI can assist but it does not remove the human input to selling. It frees up time to enable you to focus on adding value. The time spent enhancing your bid can increase giving you a better chance of winning!

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